Top Five Reasons To Eat Well Means Live Well!

There are many benefits of eating well that leads to living well. I asked many of my clients how eating well has affected their lifestyle. They had no problem sharing. So, now I will share the top 5 results.

Eating healthy benefit 1: Controls Weight

Many clients said that eating right and regular exercise helped them to avoid gaining excess weight.

Eating healthy benefit 2: Improves Mood

Balancing your blood sugar pays off. With so much to do and little time to fit it in, an improved mood and great attitude leads to better mental health and helps in making healthy social connections. .

Eatiung healthy benefit 3: Combats Disease

What you digest either feeds your health of feeds disease. Healthy eating can help prevent certain healthy conditions such as heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. We are what we eat.

Eating healthy benefit 4: Boost Energy

We all have experienced a lethargic feeling after eating large meals filled with bad foods. When you eat a balanced diet your body receives the fuel it needs to manage your energy levels.

Eating healthy benefit 5: Promotes A Long Life

When you practice healthy habits you boost your chances of a longer healthy life.

According to the American Council of Exercise those who walked for 30 minutes increased their chances of premature death.

The takeaway is that bad habits are hard to break. But once you adopt a healthier lifestyle you won't regret the decision. #eatwell, #livewell

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