Affirmations to DesignHer Body

Affirmation; a written or oral statement or proposition that is declared to be true.

Words Have Power! The words we use daily, have power. They affirm what we believe about ourselves, our life, our relationships and what we are willing to experience and allow into our universe. Words have the power to build and lift up or tear down and oppress. Words have a magnifying energy that echos far and wide. What we say to others can change a perspective for good or worse.

We can use power words to transform just about anything in our lives and around us. A great place to start with any transformation is with ourselves and our body. For example,

My mind & body has the ability to change

In order for affirmations to really have power, your beliefs must align with what is being affirmed. And, your heart & mind must be open to receiving.

I am a very powerful manifestor

Start your day with an affirmation to connect with the present. And, create your daily affirmations around your beliefs. You will have beliefs that will change and grow as you change and grow. It's the beauty of experiencing life.

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Remember to drink lots of water!

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