Stress Less Mindful Meditation For The Holidays

The hype mounts. The stress of holiday shopping. And then, it all starts. Browsing presents for kids, family, friends and yourself. The Christmas list grows and so does your stress. Black Friday starts the day after stuffing yourself with Thanksgiving turkey dinner. You get up at the break of dawn to be the first of many to start your Christmas shopping stravaganza!!! And out the door you go. It doesn’t stop there because you didn’t find everything on your list that grew. More stress!!!

STOP right there! Let’s rewind. This is where we must become mindful. Here is a 60 second mindful meditation you can do prior to starting your shopping.

Prior to starting your car simple close your eyes, take (5) deep breathes, inhale in and exhale out of your nose, and then chant these 10 positive affirmations three times:

  • I trust myself to make the right decisions

  • All problems have a solution

  • I am safe and sound

  • There is always a solution

  • I am a positive thinker

  • I am at peace with the universe

  • I am conquering stress

  • I am calm and relaxed in every situation

  • I am surrounded by love

  • I think positive even in stressful situations

Watch the stress melt away.

When presented with any stressful situation during the holidays just repeat this mindful meditation to reduce your stress.

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