Embrace & Love Your Inner Goddess

Ladies, we live in a yang driven society that is driven by power and accomplishments. It's easy to neglect our yin-ness which is our softer side that prefers to just BE rather than DO. As women, it's vital to our overall happiness and hormonal health to connect to our feminine energy on the regular basis.

Ancient Goddess traditions understood and honored the many gifts of the divine feminine energy and reclaiming them now can be just the balance we Modern Goddess need.

Are you ready to reignite your feminine energy? Here are a few suggestions and benefits to getting started.

1. Guard your being time. Take back your feminine power by booking in some much needed ME time to reconnect with your inner self. Take an afternoon nap, meditate or soak in a hot bath. And please do not cancel on yourself.

2. Be open to receiving. Receiving is the essence of feminine energy. It allows us to live in the flow instead of frustration. When someone offers you support or a compliment. Generously say Thank You! Remember the more you receive the more you can give.

3. Nourish your dreams. Just as we are able to conceive and carry babies in our wombs; the Goddess approach to manifesting our desires is to nurture them while they are still ideas and dreams. As we connect to our inner vision from a place of joy, we will birth our dreams in an inspired way and in perfect timing.

4. Love your body. Embrace your body as a beautiful sacred vessel for your spirit to experience itself and treat it with the love and admiration it deserves. Speak great health and healing to your body with daily affirmations.

5. Live from your heart. We are natural feeling beings. Life's busyness keeps us from hearing our heart's voice; which is the true source to happiness. Reconnect by placing your hands over your chest and direct your awareness to your heart. In this moment your mind's constant chatter will surrender to the heart's calm clarity, leading you to deeper love.

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