Do you worry constantly. Three Mindful Solutions

Do you become overly concerned with life's issues? Here are some ways to separate fear from fact to calm your fears and reduce worry.

1 Stop And Examine

When you notice you are feeling triggered, take a moment to stop and examine which activity of the mind is actually operating or dominant in that moment. This might seem obvious, but consider how many times you've acted from the correct perception. To qualify that you are viewing the situation from a healthy perception, ask yourself is this from my past, my imagination or from reality.

2 Breathing to cultivate your mindset

Take a couple of breaths to quiet your mind. Next, see if you can practice stepping back a little, as if observing yourself from the outside, and try to determine which function of the mind is at work. Are you bothered over something that has actually happened, or over something you fear might happen? Are you upset because of something that occurred in the past, or something you are imagining could happen in the future? Can you get another opinion to check your perception? For instance, there is a health issue and you're worried and haven't even gone to the doctor yet. Ask yourself is this the right time for alarm?

3 Checking in with yourself to confirm all is well

We all have issues that arise in our lives. Checking in with yourself daily can also help reduce irritability and agitation. Practicing mindfulness by checking in to see is there really anything to be upset about can be an important step in learning to differentiate the mind and all of its fluctuations from your true self.

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