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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Integrative Fitness. What is it?

Good health means connecting the physical, mental, and emotional parts of you. This new approach to exercise helps you do just that and gives you loads of hot-body benefits along the way.

Mind-Body workouts are no longer bound to just one discipline. These types of workouts can happen just about anywhere, yoga studio, boutique gym or on a morning run. A fusion of exercises combined with meditation is one example of a 360-degree approach to Integrative Fitness - treats the whole you, physical, mental and emotional. And more important, it's an approach that works for life.

We all need a fitness plan that will sustain you. "Yoga is not a panacea. But high-intensity interval training won't solve everything either," says Jill Miller, fitness expert and author of The Roll Model. What's needed is a more mindful integration approach. To reach your potential/goals, you've got to pa attention to a lot more than your muscles (even your gluteus maximus).

By so many accounts, we all should be in tip top shape. There are so many fitness methods out there at our disposal-strength training, CrossFit, Pilates and beyond. No wonder club memberships have shot up 64 percent from 2000 to 2014 and continues to climb. There are 20.4 million adults who now participate in yoga. With all of these fitness solutions we are no closer to solving America's health crisis. Physical therapy is at an all time high. People are breakdown from chronic stress, anxiety, depression, heart disease and sleep problems.

Our nervous system controls unconscious bodily functions like breathing and digestion and has two switches. Sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic the rest-and-digest counterpart that tells your muscles, mind and blood pressure to chill-out.) The problem is we live in a society with little or no chill factor.

Strike a balance between fitness and your lifestyle and you'll produce the results you want.

The Simple Solution

In this new age of training, fitness has taken on a new meaning. You won't earn rewards solely for the calories you crush, the buckets you sweat or the classes you attend. An integrative approach means considering how all the dots connect; which means being intentional and mindful about your workouts.

When I am working with a client I offer other healing modalities to pull everything together. For instance, before starting a workout set an intention for your workout. Then visualize the results you want to manifest and after your workout end with deep relaxation and myofascial release.

These are a few of the techniques I used with my clients and they say their body thanks them. For more information about my services and workshops visit so I can stay in touch!

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