3 Steps to A N.E.W. Body Breakthrough

Do you find yourself struggling to find the right nutrition and exercise regimen to lose weight, or how to fit self-care into your schedule? What seems effortless for some creates an immense amount of mind chatter in the head of others. This mind chatter is the conditioning of society that keeps us hostage to what we think we should do rather than what we know we should do and in between the two lives resistance. So how do we face the mind chatter and break through the resistance to find the direction authentic to us?

Here are a 3 steps to breakthrough to a N.E.W. Body.

Sit With It

When faced with a decision to get started, we think we have to have it all figured out immediately. We live in an environment of instant gratification. As life is a journey and not a sprint we can apply this to any change we are trying to make for our highest good. Especially when it comes to making any big changes Give yourself the time and space to get really clear on what you want your journey to look like. Think of what your needs are, what you're willing to give up and what you want to gain. And while you sit with it, try to imagine yourself living it.

Listen To It

At first you might hear mind chatter, other's voices saying "no do it this way" but like muddy water, let those voices settle to the bottom until you hear the clarity of your own voice and truth. And from that clarity will draw the right answer for YOU.

Live From It

Stand up and live from it. No matter what. No matter how resistance shows up. Whether it's your mother's voice, father's voice, or your besties voice. Tell those voices to shut the f*** up. And live from what works for you to breakthrough to a N.E.W. Body that's just for YOU.

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