5 Tips To Boost Energy & Improve Your Health

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Transform Your Mood in Under 10 Minutes!

Gratitude Makes You Glow

Nothing sucks the energy out of a room faster than negativity and complaining. When I feel my bitchiness coming on I try to recite reasons to be grateful. When you consciously express gratitude for the big and small things in your life your increase your happiness and your mood neurotransmitters , serotonin and dopamine. The fastest way to boost your mood is to stop at the first feeling of anxiety and name 5 things you are grateful for.

Water Is A Miracle Energy Booster

Helps with irritability, anxiousness, lack of focus, mood swings, low energy & weight gain

Hydration is responsible for a lot of our anxiety, stress, irritability and mood issues. Many psychologist say that hydrating is the number one way to boost mood, mental focus, clarity and may help reduce anxiety. I know for myself, when I am hydrated I feel better and my energy is more vibrant.

Shake It Up With Superfood Protein Shakes

Helps with Mid-morning Crashes, Low Energy, Bad Skin and Sluggishness

Superfood Vegan Protein Shakes are an incredible way to transform your health. I recommend and sell this to all of my nutrition clients. Results is amazing from the inside out. Try it for 14 days and track your energy and mood levels. Throw in greens, spirulina, chlorella, chia and hemp seeds in your morning shake for a big boost of energy. It helps balance your blood sugar, has super concentrated nutrients and gives you long-lasting energy. Other energy enhancing superfoods include cacao, maca, or green tea can rev up your phytochemical power and you will be free of the afternoon crash.

Get Out In Nature

This helps with Covid-19 stress draining your daily energy

Get out doors! Go for a walk or run. Kick off your shoes and walk around grounding yourself while connecting with nature at the same time. This is a powerful way to relax, lower stress levels and increase your energy body. After being in working all morning long I take a walk break after lunch to breath fresh air and balance my energy for the rest of the day. Nature loves us so let's embrace the love.

Fight Stress With Nutraceuticals (Regulated Supplements)

Before I became a Nutrition Coach, 13 years ago, I thought it was not absolutely necessary to take supplements because I ate pretty healthy. Then I learned there are times when we need extra support and produce is only as healthy as the soil it is grown in, leaving veggie filled diets sometimes lacking. I'm a believer in immune-supporting herbs, spices, and supplements, especially when the weather changes, or stressful times in our lives hit. Don't buy cheap supplements. Check for filler ingredients. For my clients I provide them with trusted supplements that are cold press and regulated.

For more information on my services or nutrition coaching contact me below.

"Being healthy & fit isn't an option, it's a lifestyle!" - Ouida


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