7 Salad Ingredients That Will Naturally Transform Your Skin and Body

If you're health and beauty conscious, fresh salads can be a wonderful way to do that. Give your body and skin the nutrients it needs to glow. Read below a list of salad ingredients that nourish to transform your skin and body.

Arugula. Start your salad with a base of nourishing greens. Arugula is a peppery alternative to lettuce. Dark leafy greens are rich in nutrients, including essential vitamins C, K, and A. Arugula is also a great source of folic acid. Folic acid is a water soluble B complex vitamin and it supports some of the body's most vital functions.

Radishes. These little lovelies are vegetables that refresh and add a satisfying crunch to your salad, and a healthy dose of fiber to keep your gut health in check. Keeping your insides healthy is essential to nutrient absorption and getting the most benefits from your diet.

Walnuts. The power nut. Ha! It's shape like a brain and is great for the brain. Walnuts are an ideal source of Omega-3 fatty acid. Consuming good fats is essential to keeping your skin and hair nourished and healthy and has a number of health benefits like lowering LDL (bad) Cholesterol, rich in antioxidants, can reduce inflammation. and promotes a healthy gut.

Pine Nuts. A single serving of these little powerhouse nuts provides nearly all your daily magnesium needs. Magnesium consumption prevents wrinkles, helps with skin conditions such as acne and eczema. I think these are all great reasons to toss a few of these babies on your next salad.

Egg. Top your salad with a poached or boiled egg for all the amino acids that are essential building blocks for healing and growing strong hair and health, resilient skin. Eggs provide a quality source of protein to give your salad a macronutrient balance.

Olive Oil. Skip the ranch dressing and finish your salad with a simple olive oil & lemon or an olive oil vinaigrette and enjoy the benefits of its rich antioxidant properties in reducing free radical skin damage.

These great salad ingredients will help you pack your meals full of essential vitamins and fatty acids. Keeping your body healthy inside will help you radiate natural beauty on the outside.

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